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We invite you to join us in prayer over Lifeline's ministry

We are passionate about sharing Jesus' love with everyone, everywhere, as He transforms lives around the globe. We want to generally extend His hope, create possibilities to elevate people, and express God’s love to others.

Pray for...
> open doors to share God’s love, whether it is through a new church, a nutritious meal, a Christian education, etc
> the children and families who are served through our ministries
> our staff who serve throughout the US, Canada, and around the world
> wisdom in ministry decisions and to continually lean on God’s guidance

Meal pack ministry
In four simple steps, you give hope, as you package nutritious meals for hungry kids and families around the world!  

Pray for...
> the recipients of the meals, both globally and locally. Our prayer is that this simple meal can be an expression of God’s love. Pray also that these meals help alleviate the struggle for food so that families can move forward in other areas of their life.
> the participants who pack meals. Thousands of hungry families around the world are grateful for the time participants spend packing meals!
> the churches, businesses, and organizations who host meal packing events. They are bringing communities, employees, and families together in a very unique way. Pray for them to have the opportunity to share Christ through this service project.

Mission trips
It’s more than a destination or stamp in your passport; it's an opportunity to serve and experience God moving in another language, culture, and people!

Pray for...
> the trip participants who travel to the mission field. Some have served many times, while others are stepping out in faith on their first trip. May the trip participants return home with a renewed passion for God and bigger picture of how God can/will use them, whether it's locally in their community, a new perspective in how they do their job, a career change, how they love their family and neighbors, or serving globally by going on another trip, funding projects abroad, etc.
> the seeds of God’s love to be planted in those who are served in the mission field.

Christian Schools
Education can change the trajectory of a life and pull a child out of poverty. And a Christian education can change their eternity!

Pray for...
> the students. School can be challenging, with all the other issues that they struggle with in their families and community. Pray that they can focus on their education. Pray also that seeds of God’s love will also take root in their heart, as His Word is incorporated throughout their daily lessons.
> the educational staff, as they pour their time and effort into these students. Pray for words of encouragement, wisdom in leading, and their own spiritual growth.
> the communities surrounding the schools. Pray for our students and staff to share God’s love with their communities. Along with that, may the communities know that the school is a safe haven in a community where there is much pain and struggle.

Planting vibrant churches in communities who need God's love and His amazing grace, along with encouraging churches in outreach and leadership growth.

Pray for...
> the churches to be God’s light in their communities. Pray for their outreach events to the children and families.
> the congregation. Pray for their spiritual growth.
> the leaders and pastors to be encouraged, for marriages and families to be strong, for strength in serving, and wisdom in leading.

Health & nutrition ministries
Growing up healthy can be a challenge in a community with few resources. And simply providing food – let alone nutritious foods – can be a daily struggle for families.

Pray for:
> the children and families who struggle with lack of food and adequate health care. These weigh heavy on families. Pray also for the communities and their leaders; that change within the community can help improve the situation.
> our field staff who serve the people in the clinics and nutrition programs. Pray for wisdom in serving, as they see many needs every day.

Leadership development
Equipping our local church leaders and pastors to lead is essential for these churches to develop, grow, and minister to their communities!

Pray for...
> our local church leaders and pastors: ministry can feel isolating, especially for those in remote villages. These leaders and pastors are hungry to learn more, to be equipped with resources, to discuss new ideas, and for someone to walk alongside them to encourage them and their ministry.
> pastors, leaders, professors, and business professionals who will go and encourage, teach, and equip our local pastors and church leaders.

Sports ministry
The sports ministry enables kids to learn the game they love from our church leaders, while providing an alternative to joining a gang.

Pray for...
> the kids! May they find that their value and worth is found in Jesus, not in gangs or drugs.
> the leaders: give them energy to serve and the passion to share Jesus’ love with these kids.
> the community: may they see the difference in these kids' lives and be supportive of the ministry.