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11th Grade Class at Rey Sabio Salomon Christian School

About this grade

This year, students focus hard on their education! Math helps them develop the ability to apply classroom problem solving into the problems of daily life. Students learn to communicate in different ways to help them be more effective communicators. Teachers also help students with conflict resolution in their daily lives, respecting and valuing human rights as well as the laws and organizations that govern each country to train fair and responsible citizens. Additionally, this is a critical time in their growth and development. Students are taught to have a healthy awareness of their bodies and other people's bodies, respect spaces, and know the consequences of their actions. To supplement this, the project “True love waits” is included in the curriculum to give them the knowledge and some tools to wait for the person God wants for them.

At this age, relationships become more serious, they begin to know romantic love, and many experience their first formal relationship. Students want independence, and start planning for their future, and tend to be selfish. They have a better sense of humor and may want to experiment with situations that involve a level of risk. Students also have many questions and if there is an adult they trust, they will ask them without much effort. It’s a difficult time as they want to go out and experience new things, yet at the same time, they don't want to leave the old ones behind.

About this school

Rey Sabio Salomon Christian School serves kindergarten through 12th grade. The school uses the Bible as its foundation: they want to teach God’s Word AND plant seeds in each student’s life! The teachers and students strive to live out their core values of Truth, Affirmation, Integrity, Purpose, and Selflessness.

About the community

The school is in La Comuna, a unique, beautiful community in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The community is in the city without being part of the city: they have their own rules and laws. The community is close-knit and everyone knows each other. When one member has a problem, others will usually offer help if they can. However, it’s a vulnerable area full of social problems, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, violence, and lack of education. Many of the students come from non-functional homes that create low self-esteem in them. The belief that they are nothing and that the place where they live defines them has created a community that feels that it has nothing to give.

Income per family is low and eating habits, although they have improved, are not adequate. This is largely because their average income does not allow them to access certain products and they do not have the knowledge of how to balance their diet. Thus, the present health problems in the community surround ??malnutrition, stomach problems due to lack of hygiene, and respiratory problems.

The school has impacted the community by helping students to have greater confidence that they can improve their lives AND in the certainty of Jesus' love for them and their care!

Benefits of the Program
Education Health Spiritual
At Rey Sabio Salomon Christian School, students are educated by the standards mandated by the Ecuadorian government, while experiencing God’s love through the staff and educators and hearing His Word incorporated throughout their daily lessons. Students of all backgrounds and faiths are welcome at our Christian schools. The students also have English, technology, and discipleship classes, and health care from visiting teams. Our goal is that every student leaves Rey Sabio Salomon Christian School realizing their full potential educationally, while embracing God’s Word personally!

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