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1000 homes and counting!

You have provided 1000+ families a safe, secure home!

Since 2003, you have provided needy Haitian families a fresh start in a new home! These homes provide protection from the elements, along with the love of God!

Gretchen, Lifeline's Co-Founder, shares what a simple, new 2-room home means for a Haitian family, while taking us on a journey through the homes ministry.  Gretchen shares...

original polymer home
Original polymer home style: 2003

In 2003, a long-time vision to provide affordable, quality housing for needy Haitian families became a reality. The first year we shipped enough polymer paneling to build 9 homes. A total of nearly 50 polymer homes were constructed between 2003 and 2006.  Due difficulties getting materials, increased costs and the need for a more traditional home, the current model of a cement block, stucco two-room home was born. The availability of materials made it a much better option and more to the liking of the Haitian people.

first block home constructed in 2006
First block home constructed: 2006

In 2006 and following, the numbers began to grow as the word went out to sponsors of children of this great opportunity to provide one of life’s greatest necessities. Not only are the homes sturdy and attractive, they are better for the health of the children and their families. No longer do mosquitoes lay their eggs on the walls of the Haitian home, as they did with the mud/stick and adobe-style homes. The homes are more weatherproof and allow for maximizing space/land needed for construction.
In Haiti, a home can be built on any size piece of land, unlike in our country where dimensions must be legal to allow for a home.
Some of the amazing things that this ministry has brought are first and foremost, security, but also a sense of pride, as having a home levels the playing field for the poorest of poor. Many families have come to Jesus because of this wonderful, generous gift. Relationships have been formed and forged with their sponsors from the U.S. and Canada. And the churches, youth groups, colleges, businesses and mission teams who have raised the money to provide a home bond together with a singleness of purpose that unites them even more in Christ
home dedication
It's more than a home; it's sharing God's love and building a relationship

We praise God for what has happened through our Homes Ministry. It hasn’t always been easy and there have been hurdles to overcome, as people sought to rent land from their fellow Haitians. There have been struggles with vehicles, weather issues and flooding. But the ministry has never stopped providing since 2003.
Each year the number of homes constructed to grow. Here’s a summary of the growth pattern for a total of 1,130 homes to date:
  • 2003 to 2007       50 homes total
  • 2008                    39 homes
  • 2009                    35 homes
  • 2010 & 2011        297 homes combined (post earthquake)
  • 2012                    86 homes
  • 2013                    115 homes
  • 2014                    134 homes
  • 2015                    106 homes
  • 2016                    108 homes
  • 2017                    160 homes (and counting!)
boys with a new home

As we celebrate with 1130 families, we reflect and wonder…how far will God take this? The need is immeasurable. In 2018 we will begin building homes in more distant communities. Land is becoming harder to find in the Grand Goave area; we feel God leading us to “expand our territory” and we are going to go through those doors as God and the Lord’s people provide. Please continue to partner with us in this vital ministry!
Gratefully and humbly we say “thank you”

You can share God's love with a Haitian family who needs a home!

There are many families who are qualified for a home who are on our waiting list.  

traditional Haitian home

These Haitian families currently live in simple homes made of tarps, mud, sticks, or salvaged materials, like tin and cardboard.  Although this is what the families can afford, these homes are no match when tropical storms bring wind and torrential rains, while the water turns their dirt floors to mud. Children are also often sick because mosquitos and other insects nest in the walls of their home.

But you can change that and give a family a fresh start!  You can bless a Haitian family through our homes ministry by donating a home for your sponsored child or for a needy family on the waiting list!  

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