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An Accident and a Life Changed

Written by Claudia Meerkaemper (Ecuador Country Director), as told by Eduardo

My name is Eduardo. I live in Quito, Ecuador. My particular neighborhood is like most. There is a church, a park, and several sports fields for soccer and ecuavolley (a type of volleyball in Ecuador). 

Before working for Lifeline, I worked in the business world. It was a fast paced environment where success was measured, achievement was expected, and grace did not exist. Oftentimes, I put God and my family as a lower priority in order to focus on myself and my professional career. 

As a child, my parents did their best and had honorable intentions, but they worked a lot and did not have time to give me and my siblings much attention. Because I had little supervision, I was often out in town. I met a lot of people and started using alcohol at a very young age. 

One day with my friends, when we were drinking, we decided to go to the beach by car. The driver was drunk. On a curve he lost control of the vehicle and crashed. The accident was serious: all the occupants had strong injuries, and the car was destroyed. I, however, only had a cut on my finger. 

Someone who stopped to help us talked to me about God and told me, "God is preparing something for you. I would like to pray for you." Something in my heart moved, and yet time passed before I finally had a personal encounter with Jesus. 

Today I know that Jesus is the center of my life and that He has always taken care of me and preserved me. Thanks to Him, I no longer drink alcohol.

Now I work at Unidad Educativa Rey Sabio Salomón school as the Ambassadors Director. I have learned that I must walk daily with Jesus. I have established a relationship with the Lord, learned to see God’s purpose for my life, and understand why God has me here.

My wife Sarita, who is the school principal, always dreamed that one day we would serve together as a family. Today, this dream is a reality. My family and I have learned to depend on the Lord. Every day, thanks to His Word, we are trying to live more centered on Him and less on our ambitions. Our spirits align with what God wants in our lives to fulfill His purpose. 

It has not been an easy path, but it has been a path full of blessings.

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