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Shattered Lives: Help Haiti & Cuba Rebuild

Dear friends, 

The people of Haiti and Cuba need you.
Families have been devastated by Hurricane Matthew. As our leadership team and staff in Haiti and Cuba have been able to assess the situation, they've seen immense damage. Families have lost homes, crops, livestock, and possessions. Those living in the more remote locations have especially suffered.

Families in Haiti and Cuba have immense needs 

and you can come alongside them

to offer hope Jesus' name.  

These are big asks, but we have a big God.  God took the humble offering of the loaves and fish and multiplied it immensely to provide for many.  So we are trusting and asking God 
that you will respond and bless the people who are desperate for life's basic needs.

Immediate Relief

estimated need: $125,000

Food and financial benevolence are critical needs right now, as belongings and income sources have been lost.  We are purchasing food in Haiti, providing logistics to get donated meals into Haiti, and distributing cash to meet the basic needs of those hit hardest by the hurricane.  We have already advanced $7,000 to Haiti and $2,000 to Cuba for the churches to distribute and meet needs in the community.

Food Stability

estimated need: $100,000
+ organize your meal packing event

Our nutritious packaged meals are greatly needed for the next 4-6 months until the families can regrow their gardens and crops, as they have been washed and blown away by the torrential rains and winds. Until local agriculture can be re-established, these families need another food source.  Between our Haitian communities and the network of missionaries we assist in Haiti,approximately 10 million meals are needed. It's a big goal:
  • We have access to 4-5 million nutritious meals for immediate relief, but an estimated $100,000 is needed to ship these meals.  Your donations will get this much-needed food to those impacted by the loss of their food and income sources. 
  • Your church can step forward and organize a meal packing event, which will provide nutritious meals to kids and families in Haiti.

estimated need: $75,000+

Families need to re-establish their livelihoods!  You enable Haitian families and local businesses to purchase livestock, fruit trees, and re-establish their small businesses with small grants distributed through the local churches.

Note: This can really go further; it is only limited by your generosity!

estimated need: $1,000,000

From initial reports, this could be the greatest long-term need!  Families have been displaced because winds, torrential rains, and falling trees have destroyed their homes of simple shacks and lean-to's.  An estimated need of $1,000,000 would build 200+ homes, repair any wind/rain/tree damage to structurally sound homes, and increase the Haitians' capacity to construct more homes to meet immediate needs.

Note: This is a huge need!

 Repair: schools & churches
estimated need: $150,000+

Our kids need to get back to school, yet that's difficult with damaged school and church facilities.  While our main campus suffered only minor damage, many of our remote locations need rebuilt or need significant repairs.  Our remote locations are still being analyzed and an initial, conservative estimate would be $150,000 to replace at least 2 churches and make repairs to 5-7 schools and facilities.

This is your opportunity to express God's love in a tangible way to those who may not know Him!

We know these are big asks!  We are trusting and asking God that you will respond and bless the people of Haiti and Cuba who have lost everything.

Serving together,

Ben Simms, President & CEO
Lifeline Christian Mission 

P.S. We're all in this together. You can mobilize your church to donate a special offering, too!