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Taking the Good News to the ends of the earth

3 church plants collage

Planting 3 new churches in different communities to transform lives and communities!

Mayandy Pic“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” – Matthew 28:19

Mayandy grew up with a hardworking mom who struggled each day to provide for her children. Life was very hard for her family. Mayandy’s face reflected the stark reality that surrounded her every day. There was no hope.

Fortunately, that was the past. Today, Mayandy lives a life filled with hope...simply because she became involved with a local church!

You’ve probably known someone like Mayandy and, as a Christian, we have The Hope! Jesus called you and I to take the Good News to everyone, everywhere. And that’s why we plant churches. You’re invited to be part of taking the Good News so that stories like Mayandy have eternal endings in Christ!

Praying over Panama Church Plant

A church to multiply: Panama City, Panama

As native Panamanians, Jose and Rosa’s passion is to reach their home country for Christ! In Panama, most churches are based on culture and past traditions, rather than on experiencing the new life that is found in Jesus. Jose and Rosa want to create a new picture of what the church is!

The Rodriguez's approached Lifeline with a vision to start a new church in the Brisas del Norte region of Panama City, which is near the Panama Canal. Through planning and prayer, the church is designed to be self-sustaining in 5 years. Jose and Rosa also want to weave multiplication into the church’s DNA so that other regions of Panama will be impacted. Their heart is to transform this influential, multicultural, international city for Christ!

As long-time missionaries with Lifeline in El Salvador, Jose and Rosa are eager to get started. Currently, 6 U.S./Canadian church partners have committed to the project; 4 more partners are needed to come alongside the Rodriguez's! There is also a need for churches to send teams to Panama to assist with the launch and the outreach programs of the church.

The first service is anticipated to be in early 2020!

Will you choose to be part of this dynamic church plant in Panama City? >>

Vancouver Church Plant Collage

A church for the spiritually bankrupt: Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) is a culturally rich and vibrant city. It's ranked high for quality of life and livability. It's an ethnically diverse city.

But it's spiritually bankrupt.  

As a large city, there are so many communities, so many people, yet too few churches.

Jaron has a heart for Vancouver and feels called to start a church. He shares...

“Over the past ten years God has been preparing me to return to Vancouver to reach the lost and take part in God's restorative plan. Two years ago, I took a course called life planning strategies, this course helped me discover who God made me to be and how I am best gifted to serve the world. I read a book called "Let Your Life Speak" by Parker Palmer which sent me on a contemplative journey alongside my spiritual director. During this time, I was able to analyze my life and see the narrative God has been revealing through my life story. It was clear to me that I must go back to Vancouver and start a church for the lost. Since then there have been numerous confirmations that this is the call God has on my life.”

Pitt Meadows is a community within Vancouver where there are 18,000 residents but very few evangelical churches. By planting a vibrant church in Vancouver, families and communities can experience the life-changing grace and love that only God can offer!

The goal is to launch the church in October 2019, but key partners are still needed to make this a reality! The church plant is waiting on additional financial partners and the right personnel to join their launch team.

Discover how you can make the church a reality in Vancouver >>

Winslow Church Plant Collage

A church to reconcile a community: Winslow, Arizona

It’s hard to believe this small community could be filled with segregation and gang hatred along racial lines. But that’s the reality in Winslow, Arizona.

Brian Snyder, the church planter, shares...

“We want to minister to the entire family and have a place of acceptance in Winslow for people to find Christ. Likewise, we want to promote racial reconciliation to this community. We have not found any church in Winslow intentionally trying to bridge these ethnicities together. Yet Lifeline’s Red Sands Christian School is already doing a great job of this, which is one reason the church will meet at the school. We want the church to be a gathering place where all can find Jesus.

Hence, our church plant, The Well, will be a place where all are welcome. All people matter to God, therefore they matter to us! The Well is drawing people to God!”

The Well will launch September 1. The excitement and anticipation of this church has already created movement: a core team is gathering to worship, plan, prepare, and serve their community.

Join the prayer team for the Winslow church plant >>