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Solar Panels for Haiti

$40,000 Project Goal
$44,250 Amount Raised
$0 Still Needed

With Haiti’s current chaos, many of you have asked, “What can I do?” and “How can I help?”

Initially, our response over the last several months has been to ask for your prayers. ...But not a one time prayer. A fervent, ongoing prayer for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Life has become very difficult so prayer is the priority! Please continue to faithfully lift them up.

Now there is another way you can help... we need to make solar power an immediate priority in Haiti!

Solar Panel Collage2

Despite the chaos, our ministries at Grand-Goâve and Port-au-Prince are trying to function at a normal routine. When it is safe, patients visit the clinics, students attend school, staff come to work, and the children continuously live at the children’s home.

To keep the ministry operating, these ministries rely on electricity to run essential functions: 

  • Water pumps: this provides clean water for the health clinics, the children’s home, and the bathrooms. Clean water is essential to cook the students’ school lunches.

  • Computers with internet: communication is important for our Haitian administrative staff. The staff rely on electricity to their computers so they can provide paychecks to their staff and oversee ministry operations. Internet is also essential for communicating with the various churches and pastors throughout Haiti, along with our US staff.

  • Refrigerators for medicines, lights to see, and fans to keep areas cool: the health clinic relies on electricity so they can provide high quality care to the patients and community. 

Solar Panel Collage

In Haiti, public electricity is unreliable at best. So our electricity comes from our generators on our campus. Our generators are run by fuel that our staff must purchase. 

Due to the turbulence, the cost of fuel has skyrocketed in Haiti and it is hard to obtain. Therefore, our ministries in Grand-Goâve and Port-au-Prince are forced to ration power. 

Our staff in Haiti are running the generator for a limited amount of time every day. They are conserving the small amount of fuel that they can get.

This means that the ministry is being adversely affected by the lack of power:

  • Clean water is harder to get because our water pump needs power to operate. 

  • Staff communication and work via laptops and internet is a struggle.

  • Security at the campus is compromised.

  • Clinic services are impaired without electricity for refrigeration and for ongoing operations.

There is a solution that you can help with. A solution that doesn’t rely on fluctuating fuel prices. A solution that will pay for itself in the long run: Solar Panels.

Solar Panel Collage 4

If the campuses at Grand-Goâve and Port-au-Prince had solar panels, they would not be relying on fuel for power. 

The solar panels would provide power for the water pump, the administration offices, the clinic, the children’s home, and the mission houses. 

Installing the solar panels would also employ local Haitians, as we aim to get as many pieces sourced from Haiti as possible.

Last year, we repositioned our generator set-up to operate more efficiently. We also installed fuel storage and new generators at Port-au-Prince, so we are positioned well for solar energy.

The next step is to power some of the essential ministry areas at our Grand-Goâve and Port-au-Prince campuses on solar energy, and for this, $40,000 needs to be raised.

Will you step up today and help ministry continue despite the chaos?
Will you be a part of helping bring some peace to the current storm?

Donate now!

Serving together,

Joel's Signature

Joel Augustus
Executive VP of Field Ministry
Lifeline Christian Mission