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First a Lifeline Student... Now a Lifeline Pastor!

Written by Ebelina Arteaga (Honduras Together Manager), as told by Pastor Hever

Pastor Hever leads Ocotillo Christian Church in Honduras. He was born in a small village in western Honduras, but grew up near Ocotillo in town called Gonzales. His journey to becoming a pastor started when he was a student in a Lifeline school! Here, he shares his experiences as a student that led to his role as pastor of Ocotillo Christian Church.

Hever & family
Left to right: Pastor Hever's wife Glenis, Zaid (son), Hever, Nahum (17)

As a child, I attended Gonzales Christian School, a Lifeline school.
I have fond memories of my years there: many favorite teachers, attending Sunday school every week, and field trips to famous historic sites. 

Gonzales students were required to attend Sunday school at Gonzales Christian Church every week. In 2010, I began to attend Sunday services and youth group activities too. The boys and girls in the youth group got along very well, shared, encouraged each other and did many things together. Their interactions and faith really had an impact on me.

I was thrilled when the youth leaders (Fernando and Mardoqueo) encouraged me to serve in the worship ministry, which I had wanted to do for a long time. I was still a child spiritually even though I had attended church since I was seven years old.

Over time I became involved with many of the church's ministries. I was an assistant youth leader, a house church leader, a Sunday school teacher, and a youth camp counselor. Eventually I was invited to preach on Thursdays and Sundays. 

After 8 years of serving in the church in various ways, Pastor Antonio (Honduras Evangelism Director) approached me about pastoring at a Lifeline church. He told me about many options: in Villanueva, Progreso, Guangolola, Tela, and Ocotillo. I told him that I would pray and wait for God's answer. God made it clear to me: I would be pastor at Ocotillo Christian Church.

Hever As pastor, I am challenged daily because I work with people. Guiding them to the Lord, shepherding them toward a deeply personal relationship with Him, organizing church activities and more is a big responsibility and commitment. It is not easy.

My family has a legacy of involvement with Lifeline! My brother Gerson brought me to the church. I met my wife Glenis there! My cousin Nahum (17) studied at the Lifeline’s Bible Institute for a year, serves in the church’s worship band, and attends Ocotillo Christian School (a Lifeline school). My son Zaid (7) is in 2nd grade at the school.

Lifeline has a strong reputation in the community. People love Lifeline’s rice-based meals, and they consider Lifeline to be one of the best institutions in the community.

My faith has grown through the knowledge of the Word. I have learned that God is gracious, merciful, and kind. I try to model my life on Him, trying to be just as gracious, merciful, and kind to others as He has been to me and my family!  

Investing in Lifeline schools and churches produces a legacy of impact! Be a part of  lasting change within families and communities!