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I am simply Julissa

I am simply Julissa

Hello, my name is Julissa and I am 26 years old.
I am writing this story not so you will pity me. My life was not made for pity. I chose to write because I do not want to be quiet about all the great things God has done for me!

This is my story...

I wish I was never born Julissa as young child
I was told my mom left me at a neighbor’s house and never came back for me. The neighbor and her daughter beat me with sticks. I still have the marks, some burns on my right arm, and a big scar on my left foot.

I came to Lifeline’s Children’s Home (Honduras) when I was 2 years old. I did not know my parents. I did not even know how old I was or what my last name was.

When I came to the home, I was very sick and my stomach was full of worms. I felt different from the others. I felt it would have been better had I not been born. I thought, “If I had died as a baby, I would already be in Heaven.” I felt alone…I had a hard time trusting people.

Yet He accepted me, adopted me, and called me HIS daughter!Julissa as young child2
Over time, through the love displayed at the children’s home, God touched my heart. At a young age, I began to surrender my heart and life to Him. God was preparing me and teaching me.

In the children’s home I came to understand that He is the Father who never left me and He never will leave me. I don’t know what it feels like to have a physical father, but I have been taken better care of than someone who has both parents because God never left me!

He gave value to my life; made me feel important and loved by Him. It is the best love I have received, so I understood that I did not need a father or a mother to feel loved. I had Him, I have Him, and I will continue to have God all the rest of my life offering to help me, to love me, to hug me and tell me,

“My daughter, I love you with eternal love. My daughter, give me your worries because I want to take care of you. Daughter, I am your Father and if you have me, you have everything.”

Julissa collage3
The end is merely the beginning...
Thanks to God and Lifeline’s many donors, I will be the first one from the Children’s Home to graduate from a university! But what pleases me most is knowing that I will not be the last. All of the girls in the home are watching me; I am a role model to them.

Through my dentistry degree, my goal is to help society. To be officially licensed as a doctor of dental surgery, I must finish a year of social service in a government clinic. That will culminate in August 2019, and then comes what I have desired for so long: my graduation!

Again I have seen how the love of God is always with me. God has used the doctors of the dental faculty to show me how much he loves me. I know that God is working in me, and all the glory is for Him.

As I move forward, new ideas arise in my heart and mind! Once I graduate, I want to continue studying - always seeking more knowledge! - and my goal is to get a specialty in orthodontics. I do not know where it will be, nor when, but what I do know: God is with me and He will provide. That's my future goal!

Julissa collage1
God, engrave an attitude on my heart to be used by you...
My first desire is to help the other girls in the Children’s Home. I would love to sponsor one of the girls and make her feel like my sponsors have made me feel: loved. Lifeline’s donors and sponsors has made me feel so much joy!

I have seen how my sponsors have been a blessing! God put in their hearts to serve others, to bless others. They were not obliged to help me. They accepted to be used by God in that way.

Now, I want to help others, just as God - through Lifeline - planted a seed in me, He will receive a harvest. So now I will sow seeds in others!

Julissa collage2
Do I still wish that I was never born?
All of the painful events in my childhood are nothing compared to everything God has prepared for me. I do not mind having lived in this way to glorify Him. Through my life I can bring glory to His name. I can endure even more because He, who is King of heaven and earth, became a man to die for me. I am nobody for Him to do that for me. I do not deserve anything. Who am I to expect not to suffer for the King of heaven and earth?

Who am I?

I am simply Julissa who makes mistakes all the time.

I am simply Julissa. I am a special daughter to the King.

You can come alongside a child to give hope and tangibly express Jesus' love!