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New Bible curriculum in Honduras Schools

Our children in Honduras are being taught from life changing Bible Curriculum and their hearts are singing His praise. Darwyn, our Director of Schools in Honduras, along with the teachers who are implementing the curriculum, share how these materials are influencing these young lives! Darwyn shares...

We are very happy to see the hand of God in the process of imparting biblical teaching to each of our students. God is faithful and continues to show his mercy by giving his word to each one of us. Next, I will share with you some of the experiences lived in each classroom.

Claudia Lopez, Gonzales Christian School Teacher

In February, we studied “The Trinity, God the Father,” and each of the pupils commented on the ideas that they have about God.

Many of them expressed that God was their Father, that He was loving and, that He is our supplier. We made an activity of creating an image in the soil to be able to demonstrate a better understanding that He is God the Father. We talked about the activity and discussed how we can observe the reflection of God’s love for each of us all around us. He directs us and allows us to grow because He loves us.
New Bible Curriculum Pic Collage

Lourdes Gutierrez, Gonzales Christian School Bible Teacher

The focus of this class was how God spoke in creation. For young children it is difficult to understand things they can´t see, hear, or touch, such as the concept of God. But the Bible tells us that through creation we can understand something of the greatness and love of Father God. Creation is something children can see, touch, and listen to.

Students heard the story of creation through the word of God which tells the true story. Students were encouraged to trust God since He has a plan for the world.

God is the only one who existed before He created the universe and it is God Jehovah, the creator, who is responsible for creating the planets, stars, humans, and animals.

God did things in an order.

God, being Almighty, has many ways of accomplishing things; He is not limited to a single way of creating them.

New Bible Curriculum Pic Collage 2

Karla Castro, Bible Teacher at Ocotillo Christian School

During the first month of classes the pupils studied about “The Creation.”

During the classes they carried out several activities. One of them was to write a letter of thanks where they expressed their gratitude to God for having created specific people or themselves. They explained the things that impressed them about God, how they know that God loves them, and why they love God.

Some letters said:

Dear Creator God, I thank you for all the things you do for me and my family.
Thank you for creating my family and for creating me. I am impressed by all the wonderful things you do for me, by your greatness and your mercy towards me.
And I know that you love me because I am your daughter, I am your creation, and you created every part of me, of who I am and of what I will be.

Dear Creator God,
Thank you for creating Johany Belén.
I'm impressed with you because you just created the whole world.
I love you because you are the best, you are faithful, you are impressive, big and strong.

They also marked their fingerprints with paint on a cardboard tree, which they later placed in a classroom space as a reminder that they are God’s special creation.

New Bible Curriculum Pic Collage 3

Introduction of material Life for Life by David Cook

In March, we had the opportunity to introduce the Bible material to the teachers of the Sunday school of the Lifeline churches. 18 teachers from the different churches were present to learn this new material.  Mrs. Ana Sanchez explained the structure and scope of the book. There was a demonstration class put on for the attendees about the development of the lessons. It was a time of blessing. 

Our students of the schools and children of our churches will be trained biblically under the same teaching, thanks to this new material Life for Life provided by you, our brothers and sisters in the ministry.

We give infinite thanks to you!

New Bible Curriculum Pic Collage 4