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Together FAQs

What is Together?
Together is an opportunity for you to financially and prayerfully partner with a group of children from a school, church, or nutrition program. Your financial support, along with the donations of other partners, goes directly to help with administrative, programmatic, and spiritual needs of a group of children. 
Is Together the same as sponsorship?
No. Sponsorship is a one-to-one model; one child is supported by one sponsor. Together is where multiple partners prayerfully and financially support a group of children, whether that be a grade in a school, a church children’s ministry, or a nutrition program.
How is my partnership donation used?
Your donation goes toward the Together fund, which supports all groups within Together. It is used to cover the benefits provided to the children, such as school lunches, nutritional benefits, school or church curriculum, and health clinic visits, as well as the operation and administrative costs of the program (like paying salaries for teachers, school cafeteria workers, pastors, facilities, etc).
Can I provide additional support to the group I'm connected with?
We want to empower the leaders of the school, church, and nutrition program to recognize their needs instead of us attempting to identify needs hundreds of miles away. Thus, the benevolent fund was started. Your donation enables local leaders to assist families in a way that maintains the family’s dignity while providing essential support. Your donation gives them the flexibility to respond quickly to urgent, short-term needs. Check out the benevolent fund.
Will children receive gifts?
Yes! Instead of children receiving gifts we think are good for them, our field leaders have given guidance on what would be most helpful to the children. Gift packs with hygiene and school supplies not only help the children, but in essence, put money back into the pockets of the family by removing an expense they would normally need to pay. Package a gift kit.
How can I connect with the class I support?
You will receive periodic updates which will highlight stories and news from the school, nutrition program, or church you’re connected with. There will also be opportunities for you to collect items for gift packages, which benefit all the children in the program. Additionally, you can join a mission trip to experience the culture in the community, while serving alongside our field staff to be Jesus’ hands and feet. Although we try our best to accommodate visits with the group you are partnered with, we cannot always guarantee the visit will be with your specific group. And most important is prayer! Your prayers on behalf of the children will make an eternal impact!
How long will I support my group?
Your partnership will automatically renew every year unless you notify us of any changes. If you are partnered with a grade level at a school, you will stay with that grade until they graduate. Then you will start with preschool or Kindergarten at that same school. You can go above and beyond to double, triple, quadruple or pick your impact! You may cancel your partnership at any point.
What happens if I have friends/family that want to partner with the same group?
That’s great! The more the merrier! This is not a one-to-one ratio. Multiple partners are needed for each group. When you invite friends, family members, etc to join you, then that deepens the connection to the children!
Can I visit the group I partner with on a mission trip?
Mission teams may be composed of trip members visiting the same class, school, or church or may be composed of people who are partners with multiple groups in multiple regions. Each mission trip will take time to visit a Lifeline school or church, most likely the school that has the most representation on the team. Although it is our goal to help as many partners visit the group they partner with, it may not be possible to accommodate each group represented by trip partners.