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Empower a Child Like Sharon

Sharon (9) is a 3rd grader at Lifeline’s school in Ocotillo, Honduras. Through Lifeline’s Elevate Kids program, Sharon and so many other kids like her receive an education, nutritious food, health and dental care, and spiritual guidance all within a safe, Christ-centered environment.

Sharon is a happy, sweet girl who loves playing hide-and-seek and spending time with her friends. She lives with her parents and three older brothers. Her father and brothers sell car parts for a living.  

A typical weekday for Sharon starts at 6:00am. She takes a shower and eats breakfast, which might be beans, scrambled eggs, or fried plantains. Not all of her classmates are as fortunate to eat breakfast every day before school. 

Ocotillo Christian School runs from 7am to 12pm. At the beginning of each day, Sharon and her classmates listen to either a scripture or devotion and then pray. 

Sharon enjoys school. She especially loves English and math. She loves going to the chalkboard to solve math problems. This year, she is learning division, multiplication, decimals, and fractions.

Sharon says she likes her teacher, Mrs. Lety, because Mrs. Lety explains things well and is a good, gentle person.

Mrs. Lety said, "Sharon is very disciplined and clever. She is also a very good classmate. When another student is in need or needs a snack, Sharon always shares with them."

One of the benefits of being a student at Ocotillo Christian School is a daily nutritious meal, which could be a Lifeline meal sent from the U.S. or a different meal prepared by the school cook.

After school, Sharon goes home, does homework, and then plays with neighborhood friends. When it’s time to go to bed at 9:00pm, Sharon prays. She loves praying, and she knows God is going to protect her.

You can help other students like Sharon thrive and build a bright tomorrow! Join the Elevate Kids community!


About Ocotillo Christian School:

Ocotillo Christian School serves kindergarten through 12th grade. The school uses the Bible as its foundation. The teachers are focused on teaching God’s Word AND planting seeds in each student’s life! The teachers and students strive to live out the school's core values: Truth, Affirmation, Integrity, Purpose, and Selflessness.

About the community of Ocotillo:

The school is in the community of Ocotillo, which is located near San Pedro Sula. San Pedro Sula is considered the main city of commerce in Honduras. The city looks like many other large cities: tall buildings, hotels, restaurants, malls, large grocery stores, and more! Yet the city is also a contrast of “haves” and “have nots.”

Although the city is only a 30 minute bus ride away, life in Ocotillo is much different. It's a smaller community of around 23,000 residents. Dirt roads stretch along the hillside with homes built alongside them. Children run along the roads or ride bikes with friends in the community. Trenches on the side of the road serve as the sewer system, while trucks deliver water. Many parents travel by bus to San Pedro Sula for jobs in factories or in construction. Other families have started small stores or home businesses within their community. Families are proud of their homes and all they can provide for their families.

The community struggles with gangs and family instability. Some older children are lured into gangs with the promise of stability, which may be missing in their home life. Respiratory diseases are also a common problem in the community since the city dump is only 5 miles away.

Over the years, the community has realized how important education is to their children. Many former students, who studied, got a good job, and now are adults, have returned to live in the community. They are an example to the youth in the community of what is possible and that Ocotillo can improve.

Additionally, Lifeline oversees a Christian health clinic in the community. This is a valuable resource for the residents and our students. Lifeline also has a church located next to the school campus, which is one of several in the area.

Benefits of Elevate Kids at Ocotillo Christian School:


At Ocotillo Christian School, students are educated by the standards mandated by the Honduran government, while experiencing God’s love through the staff and educators and hearing His Word incorporated throughout their daily lessons. Students of all backgrounds and faiths are welcome at our Christian schools. The students also have English classes, sports programs, lunch each school day, counseling services, and health/dental care. Our goal is that every student leaves Ocotillo Christian School realizing their full potential educationally, while embracing God’s Word personally!

You can help other students like Sharon thrive and build a bright tomorrow! Join the Elevate Kids community!