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Frequently Asked Questions

About packing meals
What is a meal pack event?
At our meal packing events, participants package nutritious meals that are shipped globally to children and families who are impacted by hunger and malnutrition.
How are meals packed?
It’s a simple 4 step process: Mix. Weigh. Seal. Ship! But it's easier if we show you: take a look!
Can any age or ability pack meals?
Yes! It’s a family friendly event that brings all ages together - from grandmas to grandkids and everyone in between! (note: the younger ones do need a helping hand) And no matter your ability, you can be part of serving together.
Can any size of group pack meals?
Meal pack events are customized to fit your group size, the length of time you want to pack meals, the number of meals you want to pack, and your group’s budget.
How long does it take to pack meals?
Typically, a group will package meals for around 1 hour.
How many meals could one person pack?
It varies by person. Typically, in one hour, 1 person can package around 150 meals.

About the meals

What is the nutritional value of the meals?
The rice-based meals are a shelf-stable, specially formulated combination of vitamins, plant-based proteins, dehydrated vegetables and nutrients that provide, in one serving, about 75% of a child’s daily requirement for a healthy diet.
How many servings are in a packaged bag?
One packaged bag provides 6 meals.
Are there different types of meal mixes?
There are 2 primary recipes to package: rice & vegetables or rice & beans.
How many meals are in 1 box, 1 pallet, and 1 shipping container?
One box = 216 meals.
One pallet = 14,256 meals.

One shipping container = 285,120 meals!
Where are the meals shipped to? Who receives the finished, packaged meals?
The packaged meals are shipped globally in 40-foot containers to children and families who are impacted by hunger and malnutrition.

When meals are shipped to Haiti, the container is cleared by customs and then released to Lifeline. (Lifeline is a recognized mission organization in Haiti with a government granted franchise that qualifies for duty free status.) We then distribute the meals through our ministries and also share the meals with many other mission organizations throughout Haiti.

When containers are shipped to other global locations, we partner with trusted, local ministries/organizations who ensure that the meals are received and distributed to the communities who need it most.
Can our church ship the meals to our missionary?
Yes! We want to help create a stronger connection between your church and your missionary!

In most situations, we can ship the meals you package for your missionary. Each country varies in their regulations, so there may be certain restrictions we must comply with or additional shipping charges may be incurred. If for some reason the meals cannot be shipped for your missionary, we can suggest alternative locations that meet your church/group’s mission focus.

Note: if you are shipping meals to your missionary in Haiti, then there is no minimum meal shipment. Your meals will simply be included within our regular containers and your missionary would pick up the meals at our Grand-Goave location. If you ship a full container of meals to your missionary in Haiti, then the container will be delivered directly to them.

If you are shipping meals to a location other than Haiti, then it requires shipping a full container of meals.

Host your own meal pack event

Can my church, group, workplace, or family/friends host our own event?
Yes! You can create a customized meal pack event that fits the date, time and place that works best for you, along with meeting your group/event objectives.
How many people do I need in a group to pack meals? Is there a minimum/maximum group size?
Our goal is to get people involved in serving, so we try to be as flexible as possible. Optimally the minimum group is around 8 people. The maximum? We’ve worked with 9500+ people!
Is there a minimum or maximum number of meals we can to pack?
Events range in size from a few boxes of meals to 1+ million meals! Your event is customized to the number of meals you want to pack and the time you have available.
Where can I host my meal pack event?
Just about anywhere! Meal pack events can be hosted at your location, in your community, or at one of our locations. The essential thing to remember when considering a location: we must have access to electricity.
Will you bring the meal pack event anywhere in the U.S. or Canada?
If we can get the materials and equipment to you, we’ll be there!
If I host an event at my location, what do I need to provide the day of the event? What does Lifeline provide?
You provide:
Participants for set up, meal packing and clean up, promotion for your event, funds for the meals you pack, the location, tables, and electricity.

We provide:
Staff or trained volunteers the day of the event; ingredients, packing materials needed equipment, and promotional resources.
If I host an event at your location, how many people can your facility accommodate?
Each meal pack centre can accommodate a different amount of people. Please email for specifics for your desired location.
Why does it cost to pack meals?
Your donation covers the cost of the ingredients, bags, boxes, supplies, and supporting services.
Is my registration tax deductible?
Lifeline Christian Mission is a registered 501(c)3 in the United States and a registered charity in Canada. All or part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

Join a scheduled meal pack event at a Lifeline location

Is there a Lifeline Centre near me where I can pack meals?
Check out our Lifeline Centre locations here!
Why do I donate money to pack meals? What does my donation go toward?
Your donation and our generous Centre partners from the community cover the cost of the ingredients, bags, boxes, and supplies. Without your donation, the children and families who are impacted by hunger and malnutrition wouldn’t receive these nutritious meals
How often do you have these events?
Events are scheduled regularly. Find a Centre near you!
Can we have a meal pack event at our church/location?
Yes! We can bring the meal pack experience to your church, office, or location. Check out the details.
Can I bring my toddler?
Yes! We want kids to know they can serve, too. There are simple jobs that younger children can help with. A parent/responsible adult must be present to provide oversight and to assist, if needed.
Is it wheelchair accessible?
All our locations are wheelchair accessible.
How many people are at each meal pack?
It varies by location. Typically, there are 25-50 people. Find your local Centre and reach out to find out more details.
I may be 10 minutes late, is that okay?
Please arrive on time. If you are unable to attend the whole event, we encourage you to consider other dates.
What if I register but then cannot come?
Simply contact us at Please note: your donation is nonrefundable.  
Can I give an extra donation?
Yes! Extra donations enable more meals to be distributed to children and families around the world. Donate today!
Is my donation tax deductible?
Lifeline Christian Mission is a registered 501(c)3 in the United States and a registered charity in Canada. All or part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please check with your tax advisor.

Allergen notice

Should I be concerned if I have food allergies?

During the events we have different types of meals that we pack. Some of these meals have soy in them.  If you have an allergy to soy, we do not suggest attending an event where soy is present. If you have other food allergies, we can provide you with a list of ingredients in our products. Please contact your Lifeline Centre for more information. 

Even if your food allergy is not one of the listed ingredients, we cannot guarantee the environments where our ingredients are manufactured. So if you have extreme food allergies we do not suggest attending our meal packing events.

What if I have a latex allergy?
Participants who come in contact with the food do wear plastic gloves (the details: they are high density, latex-free, polyethylene gloves). We do not use latex gloves.